Bathhouse is a home for people who strive to look, feel, and perform their very best. A bustling oasis to be fundamentally human.

We combine the vibrant, social elements of bathhouses from around the world alongside an array of treatments for the modern athlete and lifestyle enthusiast.
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We’ll be taking a break on day passes until New York City allows larger capacity levels. Currently we’ll only be offering access to our amenities through booking a treatment. All treatments will need to be booked in advance, feel free to call us or check out our booking site to see availability. Read more in our FAQ section.
Located in a converted factory in the heart of Williamsburg, with a sleek modern interior, Bathhouse focuses on highly functional modalities. We incorporate ancient wisdom with the best of contemporary recovery practices in a socially engaging environment.
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Bathhouse provides elite level treatments for those who want to look, feel and perform their very best. Book our professional athlete quality massage, scrubs, stretches and float tank.
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Bathhouse amenities will currently only be available to guests who are scheduled for treatments. Our full 10,000sqft Bathhouse features both dry and tropical saunas, a starlight steam room, three thermal pools, heated marble hammams, and a private Bathhouse Lounge available to guests of the Bathhouse only.
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The Bathhouse Lounge & Restaurant is an oasis only available to guests of the Bathhouse. So grab a robe and hang for a bit while enjoying a selection of organic smoothies, coffee, teas and thoughtful snacks made from functional ingredients.
Bathhouse offers reservations for groups up to x people at select times.  In addition to the amenities, we offer private treatment rooms staffed with a therapist for group massage and scrub services.
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